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Does your child struggle with Reading, Writing and Math?

Language Arts & Math Tutoring and Dyselxia Services for Baldwin  County, Alabama Youth

We are dedicated to building confidence and success in every student. Reading, writing, math and spelling difficulties can result in poor school performance, behavior problems and low self-esteem. We provide one-to-one instruction using research-based methodology to local children in need of literacy intervention or dyslexia services in Baldwin County, Alabama.

Early intervention is crucial.

Did you know?

Dyslexia Therapy & Tutoring Services

Girl with Teacher

1st-6th Grade Specialized Day School


Customized Tutoring

Dyslexia Screening & Assessment

“My grandson has been tutored by Children’s Literacy Services (now Dyslexia Services) for the past year. Before receiving tutoring services, he was failing reading and writing, while his other academic areas suffered, along with his self-esteem … With this service, his skills and confidence improved greatly. The curriculum that is used is systematic and structured, and the staff is highly trained and caring.”

Dr. Teresa Harden, retired educator

Outdoors Tutoring

Set Your Child Up For Success

Ready to give your child improved grades, test scores and confidence?


For dyslexia screening and tutoring, we have a center for individualized learning assistance in Summerdale. Call us at (251) 228-2869, email, or get in touch with us through this site. We look forward to discussing your needs and ways we may be able to assist.

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