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The Dyslexia Services Center

a 1st-6th Grade Day School for Students with Learning Differences such as Dyslexia


Are you in need of help?

Is your homeschooler struggling to read?
Are you tired of trying to find the right methods and/or reading materials?
Are they losing motivation to learn to read?
Do they seem to show dyslexic tendencies?

We have the solutions!

Our Dyslexia School is an alternative day school program for 1st-6th school students who have specific language-based learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.


We offer a hybrid, in-person learning
program with individualized instruction that empowers children to become academically skilled students through research-based strategies.


Dyslexia Services Center

The mission of the DSC is to provide an alternative school option for students in need of specialized learning services. Our goal is to create confidence and success in our students academically, while also instilling a biblical worldview and catering to the individual needs of our students.


Our unique attributes include: Dyslexia Support, Multi-Sensory Learning, and an incredibly Low Student-Teacher Ratio.

Costs include:

*a $195 yearly materials fee

*the Monthly Tuition of $375.00

*the Monthly Tuition with Tutoring included $525


It’s never too late to ensure your child receives the successful education they need to achieve academic and personal success.

Interested in more info on our school program? Let's talk!

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